Secure payments with Stripe: VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

At we don’t store your card details. We have chosen to work with Stripe, a world-leading payment provider, to manage your card transactions. When you pay or add your card details to your account, they are transferred securely to Stripe for processing. The card details are never stored or managed directly by

The only information we receive from Stripe is if your payment is successful or not. 

When you pay for an order, you are initiating an authorization of your card. This means that Stripe verifies if your card is valid and belongs to you through measures as Strong Customer Authentication (3Dsecure etc.). If the autorisation is cleared, Stripe sets a reservation on your card for the amount of the purchase. Technically the money is still on your card, but can only be drawn by when the order is ready to ship.

If you cancel your order before we have shipped it, the reservation on your card will be cancelled and the money will be released to your card. Normally this happens within 2 to 5 operating days. We only draw the money from your card when the package is ready to be shipped.

We might take extra measures to try to control that the transaction is not fraudulent, and cancel the transaction if our control measures is not met.

If we are to credit you post-purchase, the money will be transferred back to the same card that did the purchase. We don’t do any bank transfers.